New Year

It is 10 weeks till The Man and I set off around the world. I have been preparing for over a year making bookings, researching things to do, organizing cold clothes, brushing up on French, starting Flickr and WordPress accounts, booking Holly into The Pet Motel…..etc. There is only one more booking to do as soon as it is available….the train from Edinburgh to Paris. It is time for me to start packing!……early organized packing, unlike The Man who has previously arrived Stateside in only the pants he stands up in due to packing at five to midnight. The Man has managed to have his suitcase burst apart twice as it was being lifted into the car boot – could it really be bad luck twice?

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Living in The Gap following growing up in Brisbane. Also lived in Nambour, Mt Isa, Cairns, Beaudesert, Ipswich, qualifying as a "Queenslanda". Retired and loving growing extended family, sub-tropical gardening, cooking, reading, politics, aquaerobics, family genealogy, sewing, knitting, film, IT, all things Mac, Pinterest, Goodreads, State of Origin.......

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