Tribute to Annie Lawrie

Traditional naming patterns
Scots often named children by following a simple set of rules:

1st son named after father’s father
2nd son named after mother’s father
3rd son named after father
1st daughter named after mother’s mother
2nd daughter named after father’s mother
3rd daughter named after mother

I understand from cousin G that the naming of he and his brother in his family was in traditional Scots manner, inevitable no doubt with the confluence of two Scots families.

Mum, the third daughter in her family, however, was supposed to be named for her mother’s sister, Anne Brown Lawrie following her birth at home in Ipswich? She related to me that my Granmother, Susan, sent her husband George down into town to register her birth. By the time he got there, he inadvertantly used the familiar form of Annie, registering her as Annie Lawrie Halley. Impossible to know now how much consternation there was about this with Granma who adored the sister who had raised her, but whom she was never to see again after their separate migrations. Also impossible to know if his error was due their day to day referring to the beloved sister as Annie, or whether he had the beautiful song Annie Laurie in his mind…….

From George: I understood that Grandfather went to the registry office and told the clerk that your mother was to be named Anne Lawrie Halley. In the excitement he did not notice that the clerk wrote down “Annie”, for the reasons that you gave about the traditional Scottish song. This was not realised for some time. Grandfather was absolutely adorable when he was excited.


………….relaying my knowledge of your mother’s naming which came to me from my mother. I am not saying that it is correct. Mum would have been 7/8 when your Mum was born.

Anne herself favoured firmly being called for her Aunt.

Susan Eckford “Lawrie” named for her mother

Catherine Twaddle Dimond named for her paternal grandmother

John Mcullough named for his paternal grandfather

Annie Lawrie named for her maternal sister

Alexa Isabelle named for her maternal grandfather and  his second wife

144. Lexa Lawrie Cathy John Anne

 Other gems from George:

Did you ever go to the Saturday afternoon matinee at the wintergarden in Ipswich with grandma and him? He loved Tom and Jerry the most, any comedy with Jerry Lewis and the westerns. He would get so excited.

I may not have told you but George Tyler had an aunt, Annie Lawrie. She died at 2 due to undiagnosed influenza. Her mother never forgave herself. She grieved for that child till the day she died as did George’s mother, Susie Tyler.


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