We’re coming in, Captain!


Beam us up, Scotty! we are finally repixellating after about 28 hours travelling. Our plane from Sydney to SF was four and a half hours late leaving due to Qantas plane “breakdown” in LA the day before,  followed by thirteen and a half hours sitting next to a man with a severe cold, which W now has. W has started his wall to wall meetings prior to the Conference proper starting tomorrow. Jordie is on his way from Fijii, and will arrive later today. We are all dining with a revered veteran colleague of W’s tonight at the hotel’s (Parc 55) Kin Khao Thai restaurant.

Yesterday bought a few groceries at a little shop about 200 metres from the hotel which clearly had several not very well-off African Americans outside and inside shop. The shop lady suggested when I left to only turn right, never left, never return at night, not respond to requests for change, but she would have apples and bananas in a couple of days. Later shopped at Westfield a block in the other direction. Worst of being OS, so many countries don’t have our basic welfare system.

Have had a severe disturbance to my ipad with Apple’s latest ios update corrupting all major browsers, preventing use of any links within them, without even downloading it. Waiting, waiting, for the promised fix for ? millions of people. Meantime, am using a low data little browser called Puffin, very grateful. Walked to the Apple shop yesterday and bought a powered hub to assist with loading photos from the Sony camera to my ipad. Always IT issues to resolve.

Foraying out later to to find Codral Cold and tabs, then walk to Union Square.

Posting photos to travel album on Flickr….

So reassuring to see some of my best Peeps at home….DE961471-3F3C-4989-87A8-CE8E9CFC98DA

Night view from our window, 32nd floor
Night view from our window, 32nd floor



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  1. I think Nick and Emily were very pleased that you spotted them waving to you on the security camera Mum. Good to see it’s working as planned. The night view from the hotel looks very pretty – and loving the travel pics on Flickr so far. xx

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