Due to lingering jet lag and interspersing quieter days with exploring days, I have exposed myself to a good dose of American TV. Enjoying CNN News, which has wall-to-wall reporting of every detail of the Primaries, with analysis of everything that each of the two Democrat contenders and Donald Trump say, with endless discussion groups following. We had determined some weeks ago to follow the primaries and the runup to the Election previously by watching the ABC’s weekly Planet America ( excellent wrap on the weeks political events in the US with great American and Australian interviewees).

Checked out Fox News briefly but seemed fairly biased to the Right on various issues, like Trump’s foray into the Abortion Issue, and not removing the “Nukes in Europe” card from the table!!……..afraid I am already biased against anything owned by Rupert Murdoch (admission: though, have succumbed to digital Australian, to keep up while away). His inherited money has launched him into such awful influence in the politics of countries. I have been thus biased since reading Hack Attack, especially about phone hacking in Britain.

The other channel I am watching is Forensic Files…….endless true life reporting of crime (murder) investigation and justice. The crimes seem to be older, often occurring in late 90s. Good fun!

Highly recommended to me yesterday was an ebook about genetic history and migration flow which has produced the Scots, which I am now reading. The Scots: A genetic journey, a very easy fascinating read.

We have a huge length of IT wires and gadgets with us. W doing a lot of photography of conference peoples, and using his laptop to photoshop and send on. I have worked out how to get my photos from the Sony Bridge Camera into my ipad (needs a Camera Connection Kit and a powered hub to achieve), and then available for WordPress play and also uploading to Flickr for safekeeping and viewing. The iOs Photos and Flickr uploaders are awful and erratic. Now having success with CameraSync App. Happy now.

Another Cable Car Journey tomorrow to Lombard Street, The Crookedest Street in the world…….

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