I WOULD WALK (drive!) 500 MILES!….Scotland’s Route 66!…..The North Coast 500, Day 1

We did our NC500 reverse to this....
We did our NC500 reverse to this….


If we had to choose a highlight, driving The North Coast 500, now named one of the 6 best coastal road trips in the world, would be one. Mainly the road was single lane, with quaint pullover areas to allow passing of vehicles, called “Passing Places”.

(I will also take this opportunity to state that even though roads in Scotland are narrow, and cars numerous, driving behaviour has generally been orderly, and of course, it is so comfortable that driving is on the LEFTHAND side of the road! )

We had several delightful encounters with Heelund Coows and sheep, but no deer, no otters, no red (endangered) squirrels.

The light and colours of the landscape and sea were breath-taking, and ever-changing….truly a new, spectacular view around every corner. I love views where the distance and landscape or horizon fill all of the vision….rather than all that close work and short-medium vision we use so much of in day-to-day life. It is my personal assessment that this does something very refreshing for the brain and the soul.

We stayed at The Strathy Inn, formerly, i.e., 200 years ago a Coaching Stop and Inn, run by a family who live there. Strathy is about 20 miles west of Thurso. Scotland was at its coldest in these nether parts….about 5degC daytime, plus wind!

There was one other guest, who arrived shortly after us….I saw the motorbike pull in (a Honda Goldwing 1500, 1988, for any who need that detail), and the youngish man walking to the door. I elbowed W and said, “Here comes Ewan McGregor, doing the Long Way Down!”. ( Ewan McGregor rode on his bike from John O’Groats in Scotland to Capetown in South Africa.) I later related my comment to the young man, Daniel, who said, straight off the cuff, “Oh, no! I’m much better looking than Ewan McGregor……”.

(He was doing a road trip, though, specially released/blessed by his wife, and heading for the ferry to the Orkneys…sigh!)


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