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It is Springtime in Scotland, so there are large areas of naturalized daffodils in flower on the roadside, mainly the bright yellows, but occasionally the buttery cream ones. Temperatures have been approximately 0 – 8 deg C.

Of course, the heather blooms in summertime, so with all the deeply satisfying beauty of the Highlands, I have not seen the heather in flower on the hillsides, nor, seen the flowers upclose. Notwithstanding this, I do not think I want to be here in summer due to even more of those pesky tourists being here…..they have been profuse here even at this time of the year.

(I am pretty sure my photo here, however, is a clump of early heather in someone’s driveway…..)image

Springtime has been lambing season, and it has been delightful to see fields of ewes with one or two frisky or resting lambs. The sheep have coats that are like layers of tulle skirt all ending at the same length….very appealing seeing the skiny stick legs protruding to the ground. The white faced, round- nosed sheep are cheviots. The black-faced, black legged sheep are Scottish Black-faced sheep. They all have to be very hardy to withstand the conditions, especially across the Roof.

The efforts of the USA with hybrid cars and buses, and their first Tesla car going on sale, and that of Scotland and England with clusters of windmills, not untastefully dotting the landscape, and no coal stacks polluting, are noticeable differences with Australia. Step up, Australia!

During the last ice age in Scotland, only from about 24,000 to 15,000, Scotland and a lot of England were covered by ice a mile thick, with Tundra further south. Under the crushing blanket of ice, the landscpe was compressed. Of course, that is exactly what the mountains in Scotland look like…….that their peaks were squashed down into round domes.


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