A visit and tasting at Laphroaig

Cold peat smoke wafting up through the malt
Cold peat smoke wafting up through the malt
Digging and drying the peat, and replacing the top layer

This is our second tour of a whiskey distillery, the first having been the walking tour at Dufftown. Islay has nine active distilleries, with three close to Port Ellen. The old Port Ellen distillery is now a malt house suppying many of the island’s distilleries.

Islay’s whiskeys are known to be very peaty, due to using both the island’s peaty local water, as well as peating or smoking the malt. Driving across the island one can see a couple of areas, where the peat is being dug out of the moor with the distinctive digging shovel. Laphroaig say they take the second top layer…..not Soo ancient, and replace the top layer.

Two or three times, I mentioned to W, that I was sure I could smell chook feathers burning……..with hindsight, not certain fact, I am now sure I was smelling some aspect of the smoking process at the neaby Malthouse.

W is a serious whiskey buff, I am a tiny sipper, and early ceaser of tasting. I think whiskey must have provided a rousing pick-me-up on the colder, bleaker days in Scotland.


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