Islay Woollen Mill….and The Traditional Great Kilt

The brochure said you couldn’t miss it, just outside Bridgend. Well, you could miss it, in the blink of an eye – a right hand turn down a rocky goat track, with no other reassurance you have found it till you peep in the door, and the attendant peeps back and greets….


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What a treat seeing the ancient loom in action, seeing bolts of beautiful fabric, seeing Marcus arrange all the colours of the warp on a huge spindle, which gets dropped through the upper floor, to the loom, where the weft is woven, by the noisy automatic machine. Off to the side is an even more ancient, no longer used Spinning Jenny – remember Grade 8 Social Studies? The Islay Woollen Mill has woven tartans for quite a few movies, including Rob Roy, Forest Gump, and Braveheart.

I bought one of these, colours of the Scotch Thistle, for the sofa.

Discover Islay Throw
Discover Islay Throw

Really like the Rob Roy tartan.

Rob Roy scarf
Rob Roy scarf

The Great Kilt

Let Jamie show you how a man puts on his kilt in the morning in 1743: A plaid is laid out, pleated by hand, then the man lies down on it, wraps the ends round himself, buckles his belt, and the remainder of the plaid is draped around the coat and pinned to the chest of the jacket.


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