The FULL Scottish Breakfast!

Frequently, our accommodation included a FULL Scottish breakfast. Such is pictured below. Truly, this is what the full breakfast ALWAYS was!


After having eaten haggis with dinner on two occasions, AND enjoyed it!, I have double checked the recipe ( deliberately didn’t afore, knowing globally that it was grim😒….the chief ingredient is ….A sheep’s pluck!…, liver, heart, lungs…….can still manage haggis, and proud of it!

Moving on, I had accidentally read that black pudding – an essential ingredient of…the FULL Scottish breakfast…….was pig’s blood. Recipes seem to start with:

4 cups of pig’s blood…………😖………..🐖😪, so neither I, nor W, were able to accept black pudding on our breakfast plate, without regret, being already very self-satisfied about the haggis ingestion.

Neither of us are fans of tinned baked beans, and I do think we were being served the generic out-of-the-packet potatoe scones from the supermarket, recognized as not the best breakfast tattie.

So my breakfast plate was as above, minus baked beans, minus black pudding, minus tattie scone………. in other words, we arranged subconsciously to have a great Aussie grilled breakfast.

Suggested reading: How to cook the perfect tattie scones.

I am sure the home cooked tattie scone has endured, probably hundreds of years+, so this article ponders all the nuances of this traditional Scottish breakfast. I love it that the author (Scottish) loves hearing the family squabbles downstairs as an essential part of preparing to prepare the tatties………

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