Un dîner magnifique au petit restaurant à Puteaux

W has a nephew who lives in Paris with his beautiful Parisienne wife and two small children, aged 4 years and 2 years. It was a longrange plan to go out to dinner with them while we were in Paris. E and S live in an apartment in Puteaux near the high-rise business district, usually a 25 minute drive. However leaving at peak evening hour by taxi, we found ourselves in traffic jam crawling along the gauche bank road beside the Seine, taking an hour to get there……not entirely unpleasureable…

(I found Paris taxi drivers dependent on, and greatly relieved by, an exact address, rather than this hotel or that hotel, which they put immediately into their GPS, which one can also watch from the back that we are not taking the long road round…..)

Their children were with E’s parents for the week, on school holidays, so it was four for dinner, much aided by E and S being known by the local restauranteurs. S, W’s nephew, is a consumate lovely Aussie guy, who willfully and happily holds on to his Aussie accent when using his small grab-bag of French. Naturally, les enfants are French speakers, with 4 year old son being a “fluent” understander of English.

Initial greetings with E corrected our tendancy to – one kiss, one cheek – pulling each of us in with a twinkle in the eye for a compulsory kiss for each cheek!

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