For Auld Lang Syne

Dearest Readership,

Some or many of you may be uncomfortably breath-holding wondering when the heck this trip ends. Well, this is it, with a few final thoughts and references.

It has totally embellished my already unimagined-ly wonderful trip, to create and write this blog, and it also forms a modern-style keepsake of my own. I have paid for, and own the website until I decide not to, so I will not be closing it down yet, but at some point, may post my own reviews of TV and film favourites, usually that I am enjoying at the time. Anyone with a similar interest may also contribute. Please, if you need to, perhaps as exhausted as W and I became with the travel, jump off and “Unsubscribe” – no hurt feelings. Similarly, feel free just to continue. There will be a pause……Love to all those who hung in there and made the distance to here.

I could easily spend more time in Paris, I could easily see more in Scotland, would love to follow Hadrian’s Wall and the Antonine Wall, and ??? see the Orkneys, the Shetlands, and island hop the Inner and Outer Hebrides…….there must be genetic beacons still calling….perhaps I have inherited Anne’s Scottish fey – she, who was generally so rational, and of the Scientific Method, was also convinced (she did give anecdotes!!) she was endowed with the Scottish second sight.

Mum left a couple of pages of she and Hal’s plans (hand-written) for their drive around Scotland. Some will know, esp J, Uncle B, Auntie L, and G, that her hand-writing was outright cryptic, requiring great study and determination to translate. But I did translate, and know that she hoped to visit the graves of grandfather Halley’s father’s parents at the cemetry in Crief.

Day 5 – St Andrews to Perth or ? Pitlochry, over the Tay Bridge to Dundee. To Glamis and into Perth. Make Glamis a detour to get back and climb Kinnoull Hill on way into Perth. Ask about Cemetery.
Drive out to Crieff – Barvic, (? a small mountain stream) near there was where Charlotte McCulloch Halley was born in 1813.
Dunning, south of Perth, was where her husband William Halley was born.
Look for Halley in phone book.
Both are buried in Wellshill Cemetery, not far from the north-east corner.

Wellshill Cemetery is easy to find on GoogleMaps, no doubt the graves are too, with the north-east corner guidance. As Mum’s notes are prospective, I do not know if they ever found the graves….perhaps other family members may know, if it was discussed amongst them back then……

I would love to have seen The Great Tapestry of Scotland with its beautifully crewelled embroidery story of Scotland, many pieces, each forged by folk, recently, in different towns of the land into a whole.


It is amazing to me that the population of Scotland is only some 5 million, yet the Scottish diaspora around the world is collectively 100 million!…..clever survival-ing stock whereever they are…there is a Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, too.

I ponder the skill of knitting, which Mum started teaching me as a very small child…..her mother, Susan, no doubt taught her, I am guessing her older sister may have taught her (although, it just might have been her step-mother). It may thus have been passed down to Anne Brown Lawrie by she and Susan’s mother, another Susan, née Brown. How far back might it have been passed down as a female skill, before it was really a male skill being passed down, Men knitting sea-worthy jumpers made from unscoured wool still containing lanolin……any-hoo, Jen, Rob, Tom, and extended family representatives, we are all looking at you to perpetuate that family skill into the next generations!! I think cousin RS and I are the holders of the skill in our generation, both of us still very active at it! CS reminds me that her husband, J, found Scottish family forbears who were Flax Weavers, resonating for her, with her own chosen weaving craft. Perhaps this skill proneness has genetically found its way from there to C…….

Getting a bit excessively sentimental and small tear-y, now…….unexpected later life loves……those exquisite hills of Scotland, its people, the pizzaz of Paris…my incredulous gratitude that the people of Scotland so graciously share their country with tourists literally crawling all over it in fresh waves each year for the last couple of hundred years.

Great idea, Mum, to do this, it has been fantastic fulfilling it……here’s to you (and your forebears) and Dad and your road trip of Scotland…. and ours…..and this small, hand-chosen, loved group of readers……..xxoo



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