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Have just treated myself to the full ten episodes of Versailles, currently streaming on SBS. This is sumptuous in every way. It seems historically correct enough to my poor knowledge, the settings and costumery are great. Where would we be without Louis 1V building Versailles Palace and Gardens…although he is far less appealing in his portrayed nature than his younger brother Phillipe 1, Duke of Orleans. He is played by young Welsh actor Alexander Vlahos. Phillipe, in the series, as in real life, was  gay, though did his duty having two wives (one at a time) and children. He was fond of his wife, though cruelly flamboyant in front of her with his homosexual partners. He is portrayed as being basically decent and loyal to his brother the King, in the extreme circumstances of the time. I was very taken with Alexander Vlahos as an actor.

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I do not cope with some historical series which are populated unnaturally by ONLY young actors, no doubt trying to corner the younger adult market – not so this series! The principal actors are all about 20 something, because they were that age in the real life time setting, but plenty of older fogies bringing depth and realism.

Also, who’d have thought men with long curly locks, stockings and high heels, could look so delicious!

(Alert, plenty of realistic violence and blood… there was!)

Slightly more of a pot-boiler is the Icelandic noir police story called Trapped. I really enjoyed this 10 parter. There is a fierce blizzard for the first several parts…. notwithstanding, the scenery and view of life in the Icelandic town of Seydisfjordur is great – travel without travel!! Danes, Swedes, Icelanders etc, masters of the Scandinavian noir genre, feel no compulsion to make their actors routinely “good-looking”. I love this, and find myself REALLY liking many of the characters. Plenty of surnames in the credits at the end with surname endings -son for boys, and dottir, for girls….that is, plenty of Icelanders involved in the making!!






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