Poor Aunty ABC!

I am afraid I give credence to some conspiracy theories, and have felt for a while that the ABC was being dismantled from the inside, especially as external attempts by government entities bring so much public outcry, to which they defer. I was shocked a couple of years ago to learn that, due to a deal between the BBC and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, our ABC would only be drip-fed good British drama, after it had been used by Foxtel for a couple of years. Hence, there has been a serious deterioration in drama on offer via the ABC, live or on iView, with a little added embellishment……often, after watching a couple of episodes of a series, one is offered to “buy” the next episode from the ABC shop!

No wonder Australians are the world greatest illegal downloaders in the world!

Michelle Guthrie, the lately appointed CEO of the ABC, is regarded by conspiracy theorists, as a Rupert Murdoch stooge. She has just appointed a Skye honcho to assist with “internal restructuring”, and is generally unavailable to ABC staff.

I am very sad……so far, SBS has not had reduced quality, although it was mooted  earlier in the year, that it be merged with the ABC, presumeably then to co-emasculate it with the ABC. We were shocked when in Scotland earlier in the year to see that the BBC news, was a channel of fluff, non-news…….😲😥

(My conspiracy leanings were already primed by having read Bad News by Robert Manne in a Quarterly Essay, and Hack Attack by Nick Davies some years ago…)

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