The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

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As a teenage schoolgirl, friends were reading one Georgette Heyer after another. I had a couple of tries then, and recall not getting more than a few pages into the book, due to it’s generally not appealing to me.

Some fifty years later with this challenge, I thought I should read and complete a Georgette Heyer. The Grand Sophy was recommend as a good first book of Heyer’s to read.

The young Sophy got to stay with her father’s sisters family when her father went away. She has a catalytic effect on all the romantic relationships presented and, with no romance at all acquires her cousin as her prospective husband. The main other context is Sophy’s ability and bravado driving horses and different types of carriages.

I have read through some of the reviews on Goodreads of The Grand Sophy. Most are 4 or 5 stars, but about one in ten, are poor reviews. There is clearly a subset of people like myself who have not enjoyed this book for the same reasons.

I don’t like doing a poor review of a book and author generally revered; however, I found myself in the minority group which found the storyline flimsy, the characterisation shallow, especially of Sophy, and missing any level of description of the surroundings and context.

I will be happy to leave others to read through all of Georgette Heyer’s books. 

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